Monday, 20 August 2007

It's back!

A great first episode last night, featuring auditions in London and Manchester. To keep the show interesting, a new category has been added, so now there are 14-18 year olds too, as well as the normal category, the groups and the oldies.

Dannii Minogue was a great addittion to the judging panel, and had easily the best line of the night. After enduring a few minutes of wailing from a Meat Loaf impersonator, she commented, "I bet you drive them wild at the karaoke."

The return of Louis Walsh was a bit staged, in fact totally staged, and I wonder why, because the new American guy was ok, wasn't he? Of course, why change a working system?

The Xtra Factor is a bit annoying, but Fern brings a bit of fun to it.

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